Trends We Don’t Love

by Aquila on November 11, 2011

I don’t often get asked what I don’t like, and to be honest, there isn’t much that I dislike, but there are a few trends lingering around that I just am not a fan of! Check them out and tell me do YOU like any of these trends?


Leather is having a moment, so everyone is making leather items left and right. I have a real problem with bad, fake leather. Here is the deal, I LOVE leather, but most people can’t afford a bunch of it. I can’t. No biggie. However, if you buy leather/pleather that makes someone instantly go “that looks poorly made,” then your garment becomes distracting in the worst of ways. You should never let yourself LOOK cheap. that defeats the purpose, right? If you do bad, fake leather, do it in small increments, a patch here and there.


I should like sheer maxi skirts. They’re interesting, fashion forward, unexpected- all things I look for. But this trend aggravates me for two reasons: 1.) where in the hell are you going to wear this? Work? NO. The mall? Get ready to be laughed at by pre-teens and pointed at by mall walkers (“Are those her panties???”) WHERE DO YOU GO THAT THIS IS ACCEPTABLE CLOTHING? PUT SOME CLOTHES ON! 2.) It’s almost Winter. PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!

I’ve only seen a few people pull this look off. The rest of us plebeians need not bother, methinks.


This is a beautiful jacket. Too bad it’s about ten inches too short to wear it anywhere this winter. Cropped lengths actually look great on a bunch of figures, but why would you buy outerwear that won’t keep you warm?


What do you think? Anything you can’t stand right now? Sound off in the comments!




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