The AMA’s: Best and Worst Dressed

by Aquila on November 21, 2011

While most of the world was completely obsessed with whether or not Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were going to be able to handle performing within the same American Music Awards show, I was mainly concerned with the fashion that would be strutting the red carpet.  Although the AMA’s are no Oscars or Grammy’s, it’s always interesting to see what celebrities deem appropriate for less formal affairs.  My top and bottom 3 are below, feel free to tell me who I missed, and who was overrated!


1.  Jennifer Lopez

Photo: Getty Images

I mean really, I can only hope I look this good at Jenny from the Block’s age.  The nude and lace is completely on trend, and it’s just enough sex appeal without feeling too young.


2.  Katherine Heigl


Although it doesn’t show as well in the full body shot, I thought the detailing on Heigl’s Jimmy Choo selection was gorgeous.  The fabric flattered her curves perfectly, and her decolletage looked, well, amazing.  My one complaint here were the tassel earrings…definitely could have done without those.


3.  Sarah Hyland (Presenting)


In case those last two selections were a bit too conservative for you, may I present Sarah Hyland, well, presenting.  Although I wasn’t crazy about Sarah’s red carpet look (aren’t those embellishments supposed to make you look thinner, not wider?), I thought her presenter gown was to die for.  Notice all three of my selections have thigh-high slits?  Are we seeing a trend here?  Anyways, loved the use of color, the youthful cut, and the movement while she crossed the stage made everyone stop and take notice.



1.  Christina Aguilera


No, no, no, no.  All I could think when Xtina made her appearance on stage was how absolutely, incredibly wrong this dress was for her.  It was too tight, her breasts looked odd, and her styling from the neck up didn’t help much either.  I’m totally fine with Christina having gained a little weight, and I don’t expect her to be stick thin, but for goodness’ sake, there is no excuse to look this terrible.


2. Katy Perry


I get it, Katy, the pink hair is your way of expressing yourself, and I totally get that.  But don’t take pink hair and put it up in a style my Grandmother would be proud to wear.  If you want to be edgy, keep it edgy, it just looks ridiculous if you try to make pink look grown up.  Second of all, please avoid dresses that MATCH said pink hair and resemble something out of “The Fifth Element.”  Please and thank you.


3.  The Other Jennifer Lopez


Remember how I said J.Lo’s red carpet look was age-appropriate yet sexy?  She managed to blow that entirely out of the water with a nude bodysuit for her AMA performance.  Britney Spears pulled it off in that “Toxic” video, but that was also when she was 22 and in a video there’s the benefit of retouching and perfect lighting.  Come on, Jenny, we had such high hopes for you.


What do you think?  Who should have made the list?




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