Supermodels & Eating Disorders: A Few Thoughts

by Aquila on December 5, 2011

We tend to keep things pretty lighthearted here at Haute in Texas, but last week a photo caught my attention on that got me thinking, and subsequently, typing.  Karlie Kloss was featured in a spread for Vogue Italia and one of the revealing photos has caused a bit of controversy in the blogosphere.  Vogue Italia has since removed the photo, for apparently unknown reasons, but Karlie’s awkward pose and protruding bones have caused some fashion lovers to sound the alarm.  Take a look and see what you think:


Obviously, Karlie Kloss is known for her amazing stomp of a walk, her carefree attitude, and that smoldering stare.  But what this photo reveals is that she is also painfully skinny and may be stomping her way through an eating disorder.  We’ve all seen the interviews where supermodels claim to eat whatever they want; Giselle Bundchen regularly declares she eats steak and french fries on a daily basis.  But do we believe them?  And is it healthy to pretend that we do?  It’s impossible to love fashion and not become attached to the supermodels who so effortlessly display the trends for us every season.  So at what point do we care enough to ask them to just maintain a healthy weight, despite what the fashion executives may be asking them to look like?  Do we have that sort of pull as consumers?  I think it may be high time we found out.




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