Review: Spectacular Specs from Benji Frank!

by Aquila on November 6, 2012

I’d like to clarify that I am alive. Between A having her baby and my new job, the blog was a bit neglected, but I’m here with a fresh start and I’m ready to continue.


It’s fitting to be reviewing a product from a company that celebrates our country’s history with its marketing on voting day. I was recently approached by Benji Frank, a burgeoning eyewear boutique located out of Houston, to review a pair of spectacles of my choosing. I am lucky to have fair eyesight and I really only have to wear glasses to drive – although their chicness is always a welcome addition to an outfit. However, the last time I had my eyes examined was 6 years ago, and needless to say my former prescription wasn’t cutting it.

I had never heard of Benji Frank before they emailed me, and as an ethical blogger, I wanted to make sure that I would be touting a product that was in line with our values – quality and practicality, with a side of chic. Benji Frank blew my expectations out of the water.

Here’s the deal:

Benji Frank lets you order five pairs to try out for five days before you jump in bed with one pair. After trying them on, I had decided between The Adams and The Eisenhower (yea, they’re all named after presidents).


Both were adorable! The Adams was a pretty tortoise with Tiffany blue detailing on the inside rims and on the temple. The Eisenhower was a stunning striped tortoise that I had never seen before. I would have been happy with either, but I loved the uniqueness of the stripes in the Eisenhower pair. It’s also a struggle to find glasses big enough for my sizable head. These were comfortable and the frames didn’t create a blind spot when I drove – an essential.

So, I was sold on the Try 5 deal and had found a pair I loved. I sent in my prescription (updated, of course – apparently, my old glasses were forcing me to miss out on an extra 20 feet of life in front of me), and within a week I had beautiful, sturdy, well-made frames! God, I love the Internet.

Best part – when you order a pair of Benji Frank frames, they give another pair to a child in need. One pair, one vision, as they say.

Quick summary: you get to try any five quality frames on the site for five days. Shipping’s on them – that’s right, it’s free. If you find a pair you love, you can purchase the frames and lenses for only $100. You get a fab pair and so does someone in need. No downsides.

Check it out and get your Benji Frank on at!



P.S: Dress your fav candidate in a new pair of frames and share on FB. For every ten shares, they give glasses to someone in need!


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