A Little Bit of Me Time: Bar Louie Giveaway

by Aquila on August 13, 2013

When you find out you’re expecting, one of the nuggets of advice everyone always imparts on you is that, as a mom, you should never be afraid to take a little me-time. It’s good for the whole family if you’re happy, they say. You deserve a little time to recharge, they insist.

What no one tells you, however, is how much is enough. Can I get a pedicure every week? Have a date night every weekend? When do you stop feeling guilty and start feeling great?

I know there will come a day when Cora could care less if I’m off doing my own thing, but especially now it feels like motherhood is such a constant, driving need. Then again, I know she’s always fine the moment I walk out the door. It’s those cries of “Mama” as I step out on my own that make me feel like time to myself is selfish, not satisfying.

One night that turned out to be purely wonderful, not worrisome was our Bloggers’ Night Out at the new Bar Louie location here in San Antonio. Known for their martinis and Bavarian pretzels, I was happy to be surrounded by great food, delicious drinks, and a chattering bustle of women who also had babies, children, and teenagers at home, but had given themselves permission for a little “me-time”.

Bar Louie La Cantera Gift Card Giveaway

I’m always inspired when I meet bloggers like Heather at Geekette Bits, Debi at SA Busy Kids, and Rachel at The Late Farmer who have so much on their plates, so many plates spinning, and yet they do a fabulous job of handling it all with grace and kindness. Maybe it’s time we all cut ourselves a little slack and enjoyed time with friends, guilt-free of course.

If you live in San Antonio and could use a little “you-time”, consider this your lucky day! Bar Louie is giving away a $20 gift card for a date night, girls’ night, or drink-by-myself-and-no-one-talk-to-me night, whatever floats your boat! Good luck!


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