5 Texas Style Bloggers You Should Be Following

by Aquila on July 18, 2011

I really, truly admire personal style bloggers.  While I love to keep up on fashion trends, beauty secrets, and the like, it is a whole other ball game to put your own personal style out there for the world to critique.  And let’s be honest: looking fashionable and put-together day in and day out is challenging, even for the most fashion-obsessed.  So since Haute in Texas is far from making the leap to personal style blogging, I’ve got 5 recommendations to get your fix every day, with Texas flair to boot.

1.  Adored Austin

I have a special place in my heart for Adored Austin, since she is a Hoosier-converted-into-a-Texan like myself.  Add in the fact that she’s funny, posts about more topics than just her outfit of the day, and has created a blueprint for other bloggers to make this a prosperous venture, and you’ll be clicking the Follow button before you know it.


Photo: Adored Austin

2.  Little Tin Soldier

Linda of Little Tin Soldier hails from San Antonio, and I’ve just recently discovered her adorable, trendy, and colorful blog.  I’m just warning you though: she will make you feel like crap about your graphic design skills.  I don’t know if she’s using Photoshop or Paint, but her outfit recreations are simply gorgeous and pull you into the writing.  Her style is preppy and girly, a combination that speaks right to my heart.

Photo: Little Tin Soldier

3.  Over 50 Feeling 40

Confession:  I’m not over 50, nor am I 40.  But I love this blog because it’s exactly the attitude I want to have when I get there.  This blog is a little less polished, but nonetheless dishes out well-put-together outfits that are “age-appropriate” yet with a sense of fun!  Her thoughts on dressing with class are dead on, but she knows she doesn’t have to throw style out the window just because she’s “Over 50 Feeling 40″.

Photo: Over 50 Feeling 40

4.  In Her Stilettos

To use a Khloe Kardashian phrase, this girl is amaze-balls.  (I hate myself for doing that, but it was the first thing that came to mind)  She is a chemical engineering student in Austin who somehow finds time to pull together ridiculously cute outfits every day.  Jealous, yet?  To describe her style, I’d have to say it’s Little Tin Soldier meets Adored Austin: preppy, pretty, with quirky twists and turns thrown in for good measure.  Just take a peek at her “office casual” look!

Photo: In Her Stilettos

5.  Trophy Boutique

Last but certainly not least, another recent discovery of mine has been Trophy Boutique, the only girl on this list who is actually a personal stylist during work hours, and not just for her friends (online or otherwise).  Two things I love about Trophy Boutique:  she mixes in funky pieces I wouldn’t have the guts to try, and she has tattoos, something I would never have the guts to do!  So, yeah, I guess you could say she’s, uh, gutsy.  Her posts also feature style tips, going above and beyond the stereotypical “me, me, me” style blogger persona.

Photo: Trophy Boutique

Obvious omissions from this list would have to be Sea of Shoes and/or Atlantis Home, but if you’re still unaware of their fashion presence, you need more help than I can give.  Plus it’s more fun to feature chicks you may not have heard of, rather than the fashion demi-gods we all know and love.  Anybody we missed?  Let us know!




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