Dear Friend: I Don’t Know What To Say

by Aquila on July 29, 2015

Dear friend,

I don’t know what to say.  I’m better at writing than speaking, so I’ll just try it this way.  I know you’re about to go through a whole roller coaster of emotions in the next few days, months, even years.  I know you’ve been trying to stay strong for a while now, but the day is finally here.  You’re about to meet your baby girl, and you just don’t know how long she’ll be with us.  Your story (and hers) is not mine to tell on this platform, so I’ll just leave it at that, but I want you to know I wish I had the words to give you some sort of comfort. [click to continue…]

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Pink & The Perfect Handbag

by Aquila on July 27, 2015

Everyone once in a while, you stumble across a product that makes you gasp, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” Last year at the Holiday Ole Market, I spied a booth with some ultra chic handbags and decided to take a peek.  The woman who greeted me with the friendliest smile turned out to be designer and owner Christi Lang, who has created a line of handbags that almost seem too good to be true.  Designed right here in San Antonio, Texas, but made in Italy, these fine leather bags are gorgeous on the outside and amazingly functional on the inside.  But before I get to0 far ahead of myself, here’s what I wore WITH the bag. :)
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True Beauty: Sonia Daniels

by Aquila on July 24, 2015

Our True Beauty series features the most influential and stylish women in Texas.  We take a peek inside their closets, their minds, and their hearts to find out what makes them truly passionate.  Today’s post features Sonia Daniels who is a philanthropist, mother of two darling girls, and wife of former NBA player and San Antonio Spur Antonio Daniels.  We first met through my work in PR, but have since become friends and participated in bible studies together.  Sonia was kind enough to let us into her temporary home, which is just a stop over until their new home, which is currently under construction, is completed.  Read on and get ready for some serious style envy!

Haute in Texas: Hi Sonia! Thanks for letting us come visit today.  So, how would you describe your style?

Sonia Daniels: I would describe it as comfortable, number one, but chic.  I don’t like to do every single trend that comes out, but I’ll maybe get one piece or so and kind of incorporate into my every day basics.  I really like skinny distressed jeans, right now I’m wearing bell bottoms, and I really like the new jeans that have come out that are more stretchy.  Those are my favorite!

HIT: How would you say your style has evolved over the years?

SD: Ok {laughs}, well, it’s definitely evolved.  Before, even though it was uncomfortable, I would still wear it if it looked awesome.  If it was high designer brands I loved wearing stuff like that to games.  And now, having the girls, it’s all about comfort, really.  I’ll still wear shoes that hurt my feet every now and again, but as soon as I’m in the car I take them off.  But now, my every day style is very sporty.  I’m always at the gym, and I’m running around a lot.  So I’m in Lululemon, and Asics or Nike tennis shoes.  If I’m going out for lunch with friends I like jeans, a nice blouse and maybe some wedges.  And a cool bag. [click to continue…]

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Can I Hold Your Hand?

July 22, 2015

When I was a little girl, every once in a while I would be sitting in the backseat of the car, riding along with my dad, and he would extend his hand towards me.  I always knew what he was going to say, but he would always ask, “Aquila, can I hold your hand?”  At […]

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The Family That Exfoliates Together, Stays Together

July 20, 2015

When I said my family and I are close, and we were looking forward to 9 days in the wilderness of Montana together, I failed to mention exactly how we spent those nine days.  Sure, there was fly fishing, and there was white water rafting, but there were also quite a few hours spent just […]

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30 minute mom makeup + contouring!

July 17, 2015

Once you’re a mom, date nights and specials evenings out on the town become quite the rarity.  So when they do roll around, you want to feel extra special, and your beauty routine should reflect that.  Between my five minute makeup routine, and my fifteen minute makeup routine that we’ve already gone over here and […]

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Issa: Four Months

July 15, 2015

Dear Issa, Today you are four months old! You are now a pro at rolling over, holding your head up (most of the time), and you’re even managing to scoot around on your tummy in circles when you’re feeling extra energetic.  I think you’re teething just a little bit, but we haven’t seen any toofers […]

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Haute Tip: Books I’m Reading Now

July 13, 2015

  When I think about the number of books I was able to read on a regular basis in my pre-kids life, it really makes me sad.  It was easy to tuck away for an afternoon, cuddle up with a book and a warm blanket, and just let my imagination run.  Nowadays those type of […]

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Ask A: Episode Two

July 10, 2015

You asked, I answered!  Ask A: Episode Two is here! I have to tell you, these videos are a lot of fun to record, and it’s so interesting to hear what you guys want to hear from me.  This episode we talk about how to dress if you’re fun-sized (READ: short), how Cora and Issa […]

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My Birth Playlist

July 8, 2015

Of all the differences between Cora’s birth and Issa’s birth, one of the best changes was adding a birth playlist for Issa’s home birth.  I thought it might feel a little forced to have the candles flickering, peaceful music playing, and dim lights, but it ended up feeling just heavenly.  We picked a lot of […]

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