A Peek Inside Our Master Bedroom

by Aquila on March 4, 2015

Since this is where I’m pretty much planning on existing for the next few weeks after baby arrives, I thought giving you all a virtual tour of our master bedroom decor might be fun.  I’m not an interior designer, but I know what I like and I love to pick out pieces that create meaning and happiness for me in our living spaces.  Orlando and I both prefer a modern, clean, minimalist style, which varies significantly from the Hill Country rustic look most of our fellow Texans gravitate towards.  Case in point: here’s a (poorly lit) before photo with the previous owners’ furniture during one of our last tours of the house before moving in.


Beige, beige, and more beige with just a touch of dark brown thrown in to really mix things up. :) I would love to repaint the entire house with gray walls and white ceilings, but when we started to look at decorating the master bedroom that just felt overwhelming.  Hence, we met halfway and went with a crisp sky blue on the walls that was simultaneously soothing and helped ease the builder beige blues until we can remedy that down the road. [click to continue…]


What I learned from weekly pregnancy photos

by Aquila on March 2, 2015

Untitled design(3)

As this pregnancy winds down, I can’t help but feel a bit relieved that my weekly bump updates are also coming to an end.  As fun as it was in week 20 to track my growing belly, I’d be lying if I said it was just as exciting in week 40.  I know someday I’ll treasure these photos and thinking back to this time, but the things I’ve learned about myself taking these shots each week has been a bit of a surprise. [click to continue…]

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40 Weeks Bump Update

by Aquila on February 27, 2015


40 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss? 199 according to my home scale.  Ok baby, you can come out now so mama can start doing some sit-ups! :)
Maternity clothes? Obvs.
Stretch marks? Yes, surprisingly more on the belly area than the booty like it was with Cora. Weird, right?

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Before Baby Number Two: A Letter to My First Born

February 25, 2015

  Dear Cora, At some point in the next few weeks, a really humongous change is going to take place in our family.  I know we’ve been talking about it for awhile now, and you seem to be pretty excited about baby sister’s arrival.  But I know it’s got to be impossible for your little […]

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Best and Worst Dressed of the Oscars 2015

February 23, 2015

I’m yawning as I type today’s post because this majorly pregnant mama stayed up past her bedtime last night to watch the Oscars.  Correction: I stayed up to watch the red carpet, managed to catch the first portion of the show, and decided it was time to call it a night when I thought I […]

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39 Weeks Bump Update

February 20, 2015

39 Weeks Total weight gain/loss? 198.  Thank God for my at-home scale, it makes me feel WAY better than the evil one at my midwife’s office.   Maternity clothes? Yes. Duh.   Stretch marks? They seem to have tapered off.  With only a few weeks to go max, how many more could pop up before […]

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Boy Or Girl – Please Remember It’s Perfect Either Way.

February 18, 2015

When we found out we were expecting Cora, we thought it would be fun to keep the gender a secret.  It kept our family on their toes, we got lots of gender neutral gear, and then when it turned out she was a girl we were blessed all over again when our loved ones rushed […]

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Happy 4th Birthday Haute in Texas! {Giveaway}

February 16, 2015

Four years ago today, we officially launched a little blog called Haute in Texas.  We didn’t know where this blog would take us, but we knew we wanted to write and use it as a platform to inspire women.  The craziest thing to me is looking back on who we were four years ago, and […]

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38 Weeks – Bump Update

February 13, 2015

38 Weeks Total weight gain/loss? 197. Yup.   Maternity clothes? Finally resorted to wearing the hub’s shorts and shirts to bed now, but I’m managing in my own clothes during the day.   Stretch marks? Just a few.

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Happy Love Day! {Super Easy DIY Non-Candy Valentines}

February 11, 2015

You may have noticed that you rarely see crafts or DIY projects here at Haute in Texas.  That’s because it is so far from my forte, it really would be an insult to the magnificent bloggers out there who can make burlap look like fine art.  But Valentine’s Day is the one time each year […]

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