5 Reasons Fiesta Makes No Sense If You’re Not From San Antonio

by Aquila on April 17, 2015

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Even though I’ve lived in San Antonio for around five years now, there are still moments where I realize I am SO not a local yet.  Fiesta, which is sort of like our version of Carnaval, is one of those times every year.  If you actually do your research, it turns out the whole shebang was started to honor the fallen heroes of the Alamo.  It has since grown into a HUGE party that takes place over the course of several days in Spring.  San Antonians go wild for Fiesta, and it’s a blast whether you’re experiencing it for the first time or the fiftieth.  I’ll admit, though, that there are aspects of Fiesta that just don’t make any sense, no matter how much fun it is. [click to continue…]

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Issa: One Month

by Aquila on April 15, 2015


Dear Issa,

Today you are one month old! I tried to get a cute picture of you smiling for this post, but you are just the sleepiest little thing! You’ve made this first month fly by because you’re the calmest, easiest baby ever.  I can’t believe I was so terrified of going from one kid to two, because you’ve made it a breeze. [click to continue…]

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5 things I never knew about breastfeeding until baby #2

by Aquila on April 13, 2015


My post from a few years ago on 5 rookie mistakes that could have ruined Cora and I’s breastfeeding relationship is by far my most popular post ever.  It’s repinned on a daily basis on Pinterest, and I receive a steady stream of comments from women who tell me they found my story helpful.  That makes me feel like a million bucks, and makes it seem as if this whole blog is actually doing some good in the old world wide web.  With Issa, my experience has been significantly different already, so though you might think I’m an expert by now, I beg to differ.  Pros and cons have arisen with baby number two that I didn’t expect, but once again I’m willing to share them if it might help someone else with their first, second, or tenth breastfeeding experience.  Ok, maybe not tenth, SURELY that’s a mom who knows how to feed her baby, right? :) [click to continue…]

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Issa’s Birth Story: Part Two

April 10, 2015

When we left off in Part One (read that here if you haven’t already), I was just starting to feel some light contractions on the evening of March 14th after an appointment with my midwife.  We headed home and settled into our usual routine of dinner and board games to pass the time.  Yup, my […]

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Beauty Trend: Hydrate your skin with SK-II {Giveaway!}

April 8, 2015

“Water is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.” Five bucks if you can name that movie! In all seriousness though, hydrating your skin has become the latest rage in skincare, as well as all things Asian beauty.  Both are combined with SK-II, a line championed by Cate Blanchett with roots […]

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We’re not meant to be alone.

April 6, 2015

Today’s post is from my former boss (a term she always hated – because she’s awesome like that), Tanya Sammis.  She’s shared some nuggets of wisdom that are PERFECT for this Monday, and any other day really! Enjoy: ______________________________________________ “We’re not meant to be alone.” A colleague of mine said that to me the other […]

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Issa’s Birth Story: Part One

April 3, 2015

{The last photo of me pregnant, right after our walk trying to send myself into labor on March 14th.  Read on to find out if it worked! } Well, it took me over two years to write Cora’s birth story (read that here and here if you haven’t already), so I’m not gonna lie when […]

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8 Tips for Being a Successful Work from Home Parent

April 1, 2015

Today’s post is from Michelle Cantu on a topic that is near and dear to my heart.  I love being able to work from home, and her tips for making it work are spot on! Read all about it below: ______________________________________________________ I have spent the last six years juggling a family, homeschooling and attempting to […]

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What Changes When You Parent An Adult

March 30, 2015

Parenting an adult feels so, so very far away right now, but I love today’s post from Christina Routon of Creative Life Enterprises on her experiences.  Enjoy! ________________________________________ Our son, William, turned 21 in January. This was a big deal to him. He started a countdown on his Facebook wall, cryptically posting the number of […]

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HAUTE TIP: Seasons With Allie Exclusive Discount!

March 27, 2015

Ooh girls, I am so excited to share today’s haute tip with you all.  I’ve written about Seasons with Allie boutique before, the cutest little online shop around, and I recently shopped and sipped at owner April’s Spring Preview last week! It was a great chance to get out of the house, engage in real […]

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