Haute Tip: TEDxSanAntonio Women

by Aquila on May 27, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 9.56.10 AM

I love women.  Not in a creepy way, but in a holy-cow-we’re-amazing kind of way.  It’s like a girl crush for the entire gender, really.  So I am totally thrilled to be attending TEDxSanAntonio’s Women event this Friday, May 29th.  The entire event will feature speakers discussing innovative ideas and working through issues that affect women, and society as a whole.  If you’ve never heard of TED, the acronym stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and talks from the original TED series are some of the most innovative and interesting videos available on the World Wide Web.  Speakers have ranged from Bill Clinton to Jane Goodall.  Perhaps my favorite TED talk, in true feminist form, is Sheryl Sandberg’s discussion on why we don’t have more female leaders, which you can watch here: [click to continue…]


The Do Seum is finally ready!

by Aquila on May 22, 2015

The last time I stepped inside The Do Seum, the brand-new children’s museum here in San Antonio, I had to wear a hard hat.  You may remember the virtual construction tour I took you on then, when a lot of the exhibits were just ideas in the minds of construction managers.  Fast forward to today, and we’re just a few weeks from the grand opening on June 6th! I felt like a kid again walking through the doors and smelling the fresh paint, and I know you and your family are going to love it as well.  Take another photo tour with me today!

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 10.27.31 AM

As soon as you step inside the grand entrance, you can tell this is a place for kids.  Funny mirrors, bright skylights, and an underground gift shop get your imagination cranking right away.  How cool are those lights, too? I can already picture taking Cora for the first time and hearing her gasps of delight at every corner. [click to continue…]


An Interview With Ken Downing, Fashion Director of Neiman Marcus

by Aquila on May 20, 2015

Ken Downing, fashion director of Neiman Marcus, is the connoisseur of all things cool.  Standing tall at a lanky six feet three inches, he greets me warmly with a kiss on both cheeks.  He’s here in town for a trend report and runway presentation that will benefit The Doseum, and I’ve been given ten minutes to chat with the trendsetter.  But first, a picture:

As we both admit our obsession with Instagram and the addictive need to document every life moment with a post, we settle in to side by side chairs for an interview. [click to continue…]


Haute In Texas in the news!

May 18, 2015

I don’t know what it means that an article in our local paper highlighting hard-working moms was next to an ad for a funeral home, but I do know that I was thrilled to be one of those moms! 😉 I might be working myself to death with a toddler and infant in tow, but […]

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Issa: Two Months

May 15, 2015

Dear Issa, Today you are two months old! You’re already quite a bit chunkier than you were when these photos were taken a few weeks ago, and I’d guess you probably weigh close to thirteen pounds now.   We’ll find out for sure when we take you to your pediatrician appointment on Monday, which is also […]

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Wear All The Babies {Plus a Babywearing Consult Giveaway!}

May 13, 2015

My friend Denise is one of my crunchy mama pals that I can always count on for breastfeeding advice, organic food recipes, and cloth diapering savvy.  Where she really excels, however, is with babywearing support.  She’s actually a consultant for mamas who are looking to start babywearing, check their current carries, or just find out […]

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Downtown Date Night

May 11, 2015

For Orlando’s 29th birthday, I was struggling to decide if I wanted to plan a grand party, or just do something a little more laidback at home since we had a one month old to consider in the party planning process.  But then it hit me: he would be turning 29 on April 29th! It […]

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Lessons from my mom since I became one myself {PLUS A MOTHER’S DAY GIVEAWAY!}

May 8, 2015

{My mom walking down the aisle at my wedding in 2010} When you’re a sassy sixteen-year-old, you’re pretty positive you know absolutely everything there is.  That especially goes for parenting, when you’re 100% certain that your parents have completely screwed you up, and there’s no WAY you’re going to be the same way with your […]

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And then there were four.

May 6, 2015

The other day I was talking to a friend on the phone and she asked me how we’re adjusting to being a family of four.  It’s funny, I replied, it feels like Issa’s always been here, like I can’t imagine our family without her already.  I sort of just said it without even really thinking […]

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5 Minute Mom Makeup

May 4, 2015

Prior to having children, I wasn’t the type to stand in front of the mirror for hours making sure my makeup was just so.  Even when I started my professional career, I pretty much did the bare minimum and called it a day.  So it’s a little ironic that since becoming a mom, I’ve actually […]

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